Panic! At The Cake Factory

Kate's the name. I love Mopar and tuners. I love music, animals, bacon, Star Wars, Supernatural, and too many other fandoms and random things to mention. One of my utmost favorite bands is A Day To Remember. I love to make new friends, especially car people. My dream cars (besides a Lamborghini and such) are a Dodge Magnum, a Dodge Challenger, a Silvia S15, a WRX, Golf GTI, and a GT 500 '67 Mustang aka Eleanor. As always, if you want to talk, feel free. I enjoy talking/listening.

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1300HP 2JZGTE build, 1800hp capable trans, over 120k+ in parts/tuning, wrapped up in a 91 MK3 and this could all be yours for the price of $65000

or $45000 if you can get the guy back into his right state of mind

ebay link

who in their right mind would drop that much money on this crap car

people put this much money into MKIVs all the time without a single complaint, i’d like to know the difference honestly

because it’s their money, and not everyone has a stupid opinion like yours? 


I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

(via fighting-the-tears)